About Us

Hola! Welcome to the Superboss store, we make t shirts for people with great taste like you.

We started out launching a few different businesses that didn’t do so well. After repeatedly taking phone numbers of people more interested in the t shirts to market our products than people willing to buy our product we had an idea. Stop messing/pissing around and just start a clothing business!

And so, Superboss was born.

It’s difficult to put a finger on the specific influences behind the style of Superboss, so we tend to take the approach of designing gear that we want to wear and our mates would enjoy wearing.

We love to design new stuff so we tend to experiment and throw stuff out on the internet just to see what happens so you can expect our site to get updated and refreshed regularly.

If you fancy keeping up-to-date on new designs, the behind the scenes of Superboss and stuff that’s cool enough to share you can stay in touch with us on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

– The Superboss team.